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The boy and the girl, do you know them?

Finland-Cyprus association (Suomi-Kypros yhdistys ry) arranged a photo competition with the theme “My Cyprus”.

The photos were to tell a story of why Cyprus is important to me and why this picture.

The winners were chosen by the following jury: ambassador Georgios Zodiatis, mrs Nasia Gavrielides-Klemetti and mrs Päivi Vuorinen. The winning photo was taken by mr Erkki Raskinen "koulumatkalla/on the way to school" Nicosia v.1971.

Erkki was a UN-peacekeeper in Cyprus that time and took a lot of pictures of local life.

Many people have asked us and wondered what happened to the boy and the girl in the picture, are they sister and brother, did they finish school, what became of them? We know it’s very difficult to find them but let’s try with the help of our Cypriot friends and social media. Maybe we are lucky. Maybe we can tell a story. We also spoke with Erkki and he also is interested to know.

If you have any information to share with us, please inbox us on Facebook messenger or email us

The runners up were: Andreas Limnatitis "therockofmyself" and Anitta Neophytou ”Limassol, my hometown”

You can see all the competition photos here

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